Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tracking a cell phone: more than bluesnarfing

Bluesnarfing is a really technical way to gain access to a phone. Not surprisingly, some people have made it much easier for people to use softwares to gain acess to it.

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Fozzo said...

Val. What's up man. Got a question... even tho I would love 2 learn how to bluesnarf for the simple fact of gaining knowledge, see I'm a promethean personality type thanks 2 my grandmother who was very learned and also a Mensa... but I don't see any use for it. What I would like to learn, if u are willing to teach me iks some useful prograaming....non malicios stuff please I hate "black hate hacking" as from what I understand from my very limited knowledge of hacking is almost always harmful to the recipient. And also I have an LG Apex android phone and I've been researching for several days how to root my android so I can delete all these unwanted system apps that came already installed on my phone so I can free up memory! I know this is a old post by u but hopefully u will still get it and email me so u can share ur knowledge with me. It would be very much appreciated! My email is romeoblueeyez@gmail.com