Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mumbai Attack ( Adv Tech)

Decided for a post not fully related to bluesnarfing.
Looking back at the Nov 2008 Mumbai attack, it was clear that the attackers were clearly oct-teching the government troops.

The had satellite images of the city, carry handheld GPS sets and communicated via satellite and Internet phone.
It was reported that they were using 4 GPS systems which could double up as a wakie takie. Their cell phone users the Internet protocol for communication and this denied the police from using their conventional phone tracking devices.

The only way to protect ourselves 1) Out tech them 2) Turn off the systems
Linking back to our usual topic: While it is not likely GPS or goggle earth will ever be turned off. You can simply protect yourself from bluesnarfers by turning off your blue tooth.

Just remember, if you keep it on, it's like leaving your house door open. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bluesnarf : The Backdoor Attack

This is a sneaky one.
This involves establishing a bluetooth paring with another phone.
Once the other phone accepst the paring, a "back door" is establish.
That means a connection remains and the owner of the phone being snarfed doesn't know that his information is being accessed.
That means you can literally transfer all the files, phonebook etc, or use any services of the victims phone.
The catch is, if someone is willing to pair with you in the first place, it is likely to be someone you know.
So be Careful when you pair with your friend in the future.