Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Funny

This Funny man is Offering 500 Euros (Note the Money is on his screen, it's not even a real note) to teach him bluesnarfing.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bluesnarfing Software for $2

*** This offer is over****

A fellow bluesnarfer has decided to put up some bluesnarfing software for download

I've briefly look through them, do note the following
1) These are meant for beginners which means it has an advantage of being very easy to use. But this also means software penetration strength is not as good as some other tools.
Do note though I'm not affiliated to his site, so if you're keen click here

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bluesnarfing Software

There has been many request for bluesnarfing software. Most sites will not offer these for download for obvious reasons. 1) Bluesnarfing is not exactly legal 2) Ethical issues.

Some of you may laugh, what the heck is the bluesnarfer telling us about ethics. This ethics issue must be discussed in another post. But suffice to say, not all hackers are bad and in fact, many hackers work for the police and security agent to enhance the safety of the masses. The same can almost be said of bluesnarfer.

That said, I'm not sure if some of you managed to find bluesnarfing tools around by yourself. Would be interesting to know. Maybe you can let me know by posting a comment here. Let me know if you tried to find but can't or that you've found. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Earning From Bluesnarfing

Is it possible to earn money from bluesnarfing? Of course. I had my friend who deals with internet security asking me this over coffee the other day.
I recounted to him my experiences which I thought I would share here.
I started bluesnarfing for the thrill and fun of it. I had a policy that whatever I did should theoretically do no harm to the "victim" (I know some people would argue with me over this but this is another issue for another day).
This also means I keep out of trouble.

I've had more than 20 offers to help bluesnarf till now. One of the highest amount offered was a good 10k. To bluesnarf the palm device of the of their rival company. And for obvious reasons I rejected the offer.
Majority of them however, came from private incestigations, helping clients look for evidence of spousal betrayal. Again, non of which I took up because I never know what the full story is like.
I don't want to end up snooping on the good guy instead.

So thankfully or not I'm much poorer but also happier and safer without taking up these highly exciting offers. So can you legally earn from bluesnarfing? Of course, because that's part of my job now. I offer consultating services for internet and wireless security to companies. And you bet bluesnarfing is one of my favorite topics. I shall relate how I do bluesnarfing with lots of fun at these events.