Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The second hurdle - encryption

In my previous entry, I talked about the difficulties in getting paired. Essentially, that is the most difficult part. That doesn't mean that there will be no challenges after that.

If you purpose of bluesnarfing is merely for fun like "oh I got paired with the phone" then it ends there. But if you intent to do anything with the phone, then you have to navigate around the the phone with phone controls.

The reason why bluesnarfing is though is because there is no idiot proof software to allow people to bluesnarf. This is also because each phone company/ model and each phone software update uses a different encryption for their software.

This means that unless you already intrinsically understand how phone command work, most simple software don't work.

Is there an easy way out? Yes and no. If you plan to professionally bluesnarf, then you will have to learn the right skills.
But if you only want to bluesnarf a particular model of mobile phone, you could source around for a ready made software meant for those models, or get someone to program it for you.