Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bluebugging and Bluesnarfing

Every week or so, I get a request asking me to show them how to bluesnarf.
My policy has never changed. I'm open to showing anyone who is keen how to bluesnarf.
But I have several ground rules

1) Bluesnarfing is not to be used for malicious purposes.
2) It is not meant to be used for bluebugging.
3) IT shall be done at your own risk.
4) You must be keen/ able/ willing to learn simple programming languages.

It it point number 4 which most people never pass. Most people want a simple solution to bluensarfing. But you don't need me to teach you how to bluesnarf if all you want is a simple program to bluesnarf for you.
Just pay a programmer to do it for you.

Now that this is in the open, I think it'll make life easier for everone.


Moose said...

Hello, i am very interested - I will mainly use it to do harmless fun at work. you can email me at thanks.

Val said...

Thanks for the interest. I don't teach over emails. :)

Moose said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am really interested to your article. It seems like you have some knowledge in bluesnarfing.
I'm interested in hacking but, really, not for harmful purpose. I just want to know how it works.

Please your assistance about bluesnarfing steps. Since you don't teach via email, what way of teaching will you prefer most?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Val, I am doing my Engineering and have projects to be made. I came across dis blog of urs on bluesnarfing. It would really be great if u could help me about learning it and implementing the same. Pls mail me on thanks