Sunday, November 11, 2007

How to Protect yourself from Bluesnarfing

Here are several Advice on proctecting yourself and your mobile devices.

1) Turn off Bluetooth

This is the most foolproof way. If you don't need bluetooh, don't turn in on. only leave it on when you need it. There is no way anyone can access your phone via bluetooth if it is switched off.

2) Keep yourself Invisible.

This usually prevents common softwares from "detecting" your device. Do note that this will not hinder the experienced bluesnafers. Most of them can detect your device despite it being in "invisible" mode.

3) Password protect

Passwording your devices cannot stop all bluesnarfing. But i can make things more difficult for them, and esentially stop the amateurs. I would suggest at least a 5 digit password.

4) Verify Verify Verify

Never pair with an unknown device. This is simply opening the door to an attack. Once open it may never be closed again.

If you ever suspect anyone is bluesnarfing you, simply switch off your device.

In the next post I'll go through some softwares you can use to detect a bluetooh attack.


Chiku said...

Simple enough. i always keep my bluetooth on for my ear piece. Any software I can use to protect myself?

Anonymous said...

Yes there are some for sale, but i doubt their usefulness